RELATED CONTENT: The average minimum wage, and other interesting Luxembourg facts, A post shared by Edinburgh Zoo (@edinburghzoo). Love castles? If you celebrate your 100th and 105th birthday and every year after, or your 60th, 65th, 70th anniversaries and every year after, you’ll get a congratulatory card from Queen Elizabeth herself. The capital of Belgium isn't exactly the most popular capital in Europe. Vatican City is the smallest country of this continent with an area of 0.44 sq. RELATED CONTENT: 17 fun facts about Portugal you probably never knew. GET INSPIRED BY: Highlights of Eastern Europe. You’ve probably heard about Belgian chocolate. Try pronouncing the name of this Welsh town – “Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch”. This custom goes back to 1848 when Austria defeated Hungary in the revolution. Ever since, Hungarians have not clinked their glasses during a toast. With dozens of unique cultures and countries across Europe, there are over 200 languages spoken on the continent, although only 24 are recognised as the official languages of the European Union. 4. The official language of Albania is Albanian, and the country’s dialling code is 355. He was really fun and flexible with whatever our group wanted to do while making sure we saw all of the major sights, good places to eat, as well as the night life! It is one of the oldest countries in Europe. You may know that the Republic of San Marino is the oldest independent state in Europe (dating back to 301 AD! Another interesting fact about Hum in Europe is that the majority of the population speak Italian, thanks to their close proximity to Italy. In Switzerland, you’re not allowed to mow your lawn, build anything, wash your car or hang clothes out to dry on Sundays. The Colosseum? The Swiss believe Sunday is a day for rest and noisy and annoying household chores shouldn’t interfere with everyone’s relaxation. 21 Fun Facts About Europe. Some of the most interesting facts about Europe pertain to the earliest history that established the continent as the cradle of Western civilization. In his defense, he argued it was the fastest game bird in Europe, … Croissants are named for the crescent shown on the Ottoman Empire’s flag. The guy who managed Guinness Breweries in the 1950s went to a shooting party, where he missed his shot at a golden plover. Check out our Tripadvisor, App Store & Facebook travel love below. Interesting and little known facts about European countries, maps of cultural, socio-economic, legal and genetic differences between European countries, cultural differences between Europeans and Americans, rankings of the best restaurants and universities in Europe, and so on. There are cowboys (csikos) in Hungary. Each country could easily make a contribution with an interesting fact as the landscape changes so dramatically across small spaces, unlike other continents. Another random fact about Europe’s monarchies is that there are still ten European countries with royal families. GET INSPIRED BY: Britain and Ireland Grandeur. The country has very interesting statistics and facts unknown to … Our Europe Facts for Kids share lots of interesting and fun facts on the European continent. You’ll need to get permission from the government. Construction first began on the famous basilica in 1882 and although Gaudi didn’t get to see his extraordinary work completed, Barcelona is aiming to complete it by 2026, for the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. 5. All rights reserved. Posted by admin in on March 27, 2015.. #3 In the UK, if you reach your 100th and 105th birthday and every year thereafter, or celebrate your diamond wedding (60th), 65th, 70th wedding anniversaries and every year thereafter, you can get a congratulatory card from the Queen. Photo: Shutterstock. After checking out these 13 amazing castles from Game of Thrones you can visit in real life , … This website uses cookies. Standing at 222 metres long, 152 metres wide, 137 metres tall, and with a capacity for 60,000 people, this is not only the largest church in Europe but the whole world. Europe Facts – Facts about Europe Summary. Interesting or Fun Facts about Europe Ten fun facts about Europe Fact 1 The Gulf Stream is known as “Europe's central heating”, because it makes the continent’s climate warmer and wetter than it would otherwise be. Some additional fun facts about Europe: 1. While dozens of countries in Europe have chopped and changed their names over the years, Bulgaria has stuck with the same name since it adopted it in 681 AD. It’s wonderful to know there are so many art fans flocking to see some of the world’s most iconic artworks in the Louvre. I had a blast visiting Prague for the first time with WSA. The British Museum in London is one of the most-visited in the world, with around six million visitors every year. Amazingly, Iceland is believed to be completely clear of any mosquitoes, thanks to the cold temperatures and lack of shallow ponds that mosquitoes love. Blonde hair in humans developed in Northern Europe. Want to name your kid something unique? This is another one of those fun facts about Ireland! The first Sir Olav penguin served between 1972 and 1987. interactive. ), but another fun fact about Europe is that Bulgaria is the oldest European country by name. It is believed that the continent is named after ‘Europa’, a Phoenician Princess from Greek Mythology. Europe is named after a Phoenician princess called Europa; she was seduced by Greek God Zeus when he disguised himself as a bull. As a continent with hugely diverse topography, the geographical facts about Europe are going to be an interesting collection. 1. Albania is a small country in Southern Europe.The country’s capital is Tirana, and it is Albania's largest city with 800,000 inhabitants. There are also some really interesting and strange facts about Europe you probably didn’t know: Check out this list of 21 bizarre facts about Europe that have been put together in this awesome infographic! It is the only ‘country’ in the world, which has been declared so. Here are some surprising facts you didn't know about European kings and queens. Facts about Eastern Europe 2: religions. Europe is made up of more than 40 different countries. Estonia is one of Europe’s least crowded countries, with a population density of 28.4 people per square kilometre.Only Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia can beat it. Although most of the attention goes to Queen Elizabeth and her family in the UK, there are also monarchies in Spain, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra and Denmark. You’ll adore the Czech Republic. Belarus gained its independence in December 26,1991, but … You may know a lot about Europe — but we bet there is much about this vast continent that you don't know.. Home to some of the most visited countries in the world, fascinating history, spectacular art and towering feats of nature, Europe boasts some truly amazing facts.. it comes from the Italian word for 40, quarentina. The word “quarantine” has Italian roots. It won’t surprise anyone to hear that the Middle Ages weren’t a great time to be alive. Blonde hair is believed to have evolved to enable more efficient synthesis of vitamin D, due to the fact that there is less sunlight in Northern Europe. The Austrians celebrated by clinking their beer glasses while toasting their victory. Antoni Gaudi’s enchanting La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is a true architectural masterpiece… which explains why it’s taking so long to finish! km. Here are 40 Interesting Europe facts. Fun & Interesting Facts About Europe Europe also has the smallest country in its mist; it is Vatican located in Italy and has less than ten thousand citizens. One of the most random facts about Europe is that if you live in the Commonwealth, you can get a letter from the Queen of England! From the smallest town in the world to the biggest church on earth, and from a knighted penguin to a country free of mosquitoes, there are hundreds of random and fun facts about Europe. Tags: Study Abroad,Rome,Europe,fun facts,trivia europe,surprising facts,London,Barcelona,Madrid,Belgium. The Eiffel Tower? So if you’re prone to mosquito bites, you better head to Iceland! Soaring into the sky like a glass shard, the Lakhta Center is a whopping 462 metres in height. While the extraordinary ancient pyramids of Egypt were constructed in 85 years, between 2589 and 2504 BC, La Sagrada Familia has been under construction for the past 138 years. RELATED CONTENT: Italy’s free wine fountain, and other bizarre Italian facts, A post shared by DET DANSKE KONGEHUS (@detdanskekongehus). Although there are more than 3,000 types of mosquitoes in the world, Iceland doesn’t have any at all. Not all facts about Europe have to do with pop culture. Europe is thought to get its name from Europa, which was a princess in Greek Mythology. Did you know in Switzerland it is illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm? The word "Insider". With around 200 countries and more than 7.8 billion people (plus plants, animals, and other organisms), the world is full of interesting, fun, and fascinating facts. Think you’re good at tongue twisters? 16 Interesting Facts About Europe. The Guardian’s Europe quiz. Looking for impressive churches? Europe factseurope travelfun facts about Europeinteresting facts about Europerandom facts about Europe. Like Japan is termed as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Norway in Europe is called th… The population of Europe is more than 800 million, making it the third most populated continent. Amazingly enough, Iceland is believed to be completely free of any mosquitoes altogether. One of our favourite fun facts about Europe is that Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo is home to a knighted penguin named Brigadier Sir Nils Olav III. The entire staff was very helpful, the rooms were nice, and there was a really cool bar downstairs with live music every night. © Copyright Trafalgar Tours, all rights reserved. Partly so it is – the Scandinavian countries are really prosperous, although their nuances, of course, are there. Istanbul, the City of Two Continents. Wales might have the longest town name, but Scandinavia takes the crown for the shortest town names. Travelling in Eastern Europe can be a unique experience, but it’s a surprising one too. It is comprised of 50 countries, 47 of which are united as the Council of Europe. RELATED CONTENT: 9 fun Georgia country facts you probably never knew. Denmark has some unusual baby naming laws. I thought this trip was much easier to book through WSA rather than figure it all out myself and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most out of their trip! You can probably get on board with this fun fact about Europe. Interesting or Fun Facts about Europe. Home to some of the world’s most visited attractions and incredible feats of nature and humanity, Europe is one fascinating continent. Here are some interesting facts about Brussels to get you started. According to the 2011 article 1 out of every 10 Europeans was conceived in an IKEA bed. RELATED CONTENT: 13 useless but fascinating facts about The Netherlands that may surprise you. Monarchs in Europe have had a long, interesting history. © Copyright 2021 Weekend Student Adventures Europe. It’s got to be St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, in Rome. Why you shouldn’t wait until retirement to start travelling, 9 super fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day from home. If you think one of the answers we’ve given is egregiously wrong, then email For the past 20 years, the population of Europe has been static, with the birth and death rates being constant. A series of interesting facts about Belarus are listed below. Interesting facts about Northern Europe January 27, 2018 January 27, 2018 admintag Northern Europe seems to many of us to be an oasis of universal well-being and a full life. Founded in 935 by Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth, the Danish Monarchy has been ruling Denmark for over 1,000 years. From Gorm the Old to the current Queen Margrethe II, this royal family is the oldest in all of Europe. Without a doubt, this amazing city is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Interesting facts about Eastern Europe January 27, 2018 January 27, 2018 admintag Historically, the countries of Eastern Europe somewhat lag behind their western neighbors in terms of the level of economic development and another indicator. Stay up to date with upcoming tours, deals and discounts through our Facebook page! How to Select Study Abroad & Travel Insurance. Since ancient times, Magical Istanbul has united Asia and Europe through the mighty Strait of Bosphorus. Europe Facts for Adults - Quirky Facts Best Saved for a Cocktail Party. Eastern Orthodox Religion is often associated with Eastern Europe. Did you know that the tallest building in Europe is in St. Petersburg in Russia? Perhaps this is the reason behind Mona Lisa’s coy smile…? Even if you visited one castle a day, it would take you over 2.5 years to see them all, so you better get started! Many destinations across Europe are at the top of a lot of students' bucket lists, and with a WSA trip you can make sure you don’t miss out on anything! Creative spellings of common names are also not permitted under these laws. When you think of Europe, you probably imagine snowy Alps, lush pine forests and winding rivers, but did you know that there is one last remaining rainforest in Europe? Pick a city and go! Of the 24, three are designated as “procedural” languages, including English, French and Germany. It’s over 100,000 kilometres long and you’re sure to have some amazing adventures exploring this Scandinavian coast. Spanning 400 million square miles, Europe is a temperate continent in the northern hemisphere and home to 741 million people, incredible history and diverse destinations that are on many people’s bucket lists. They weren’t our first choices either! 5. Our tour guide was top notch as well. We use cookies to analyze our traffic, enhance our website’s functionality and performance, and a better experience for our users. There are 10 villages across Denmark, Sweden and Norway that have names just one single letter long. RELATED CONTENT: 13 strange and interesting facts about Iceland, A post shared by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily). RELATED CONTENT: 10 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Croatia.

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