Master Replicas. Notice that the Denix (on the right) has a slightly larger grip, even though it’s made of plastic and not wood. Here are some details from the email: Whether avoiding imperial entanglements, fending off would be assassins, or rescuing princesses in distress, Han Solo does it all with his trusty DL-44 blaster by his side. £4.95 postage. CAD renders by Carson Case for the current prop replica run. £19.97. They and Central Valley Guns are clearly deeply proud of this tribute piece, and I don’t blame them. The blaster’s owner, Brandon, reached out to TFB in the wake of my last Han Solo handgun article, declaring that he and his wife have a “huge Star Wars addiction”. Former US Army infantryman, lifelong hunter and hobby/sport shooter. The DL-44 was a powerful, highly modifiable and accurate blaster pistol. Dallas Vintage Toys is a toy store in the Lakewood area of Dallas TX that buys, sells, and trades toys from the 1960s to present-day including '80s toy lines like vintage Kenner Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, and He-man as well as modern collectible toys from Hot Toys, SideShow Collectibles, Marvel Select, Marvel Legends, DC Universe, and so many more. $15 – $25. The attention to detail paid and obsessive perfectionism involved in this months-long labor of love are readily apparent. DL-44 BlasTech Han Solo Custom Replica Prop Heavy Blaster Pistol With Functional Moving Trigger (Safe Does Not Shoot) I’ll just go ahead and list some of the main differences between the two versions below: The 2002 Han Solo Blaster (a.k.a. Tested: Hydro Dipping Carbon Fiber Blaster Grips! Star Wars Han Solo Blaster Cosplay Movie Prop Replica DL-44 Display STAND NEW. £253.25. Master Replicas' reproduction of the Star Wars: A New Hope version of Han Solo's blaster pays homage to this piece of motion picture history. Some scrounging around online uncovered a period-correct Hensoldt-Wetzlar scope on eBay, and once this last piece arrived the finishing touches began coming together. (5/19/20), Adam Savage Answers Your Questions! Sold for 1500.00 USD Thread starter KillerofSaints; Start date Dec 1, 2020; KillerofSaints Well-Known Member. Fitting the M81 muzzle device copy to the C96’s barrel. 16 watchers. A Denix overlaid on top of the blueprint. Visual Guide to The Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Prop Replica Saga Photo Gallery: dl44_029. The Striking Animatronic Sculptures of Ben Schwenk, The Custom Plush Creatures of Ivonne Escoto, Tested’s New CNC Machine: Assembling the X-Carve P…, Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Shop Dust Collection…, Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Superglue and Glue A…. It almost looks like the muzzle device was made for this gun, even though it wasn’t. The Vintage Collection VC124 Han Solo 3.75-inch action figure featured on this page was part of the second wave in the popular line's 2018 return. $25 – $50. Cooling fins for the front of the gun’s body were fabbed and added, and a bit of machine work and tig welding got the scope mount in place. Near Mint in Box. This former heavily-damaged Broomhandle Mauser reborn as a firing replica of Han Solo's DL-44 blaster. One of the most noticeable items needed was the muzzle device. Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Wire Twisting Pliers! + Update your shipping location ... Han Solo Blaster DL-44 | Star Wars Replica 1/1 Star Wars Props | Star Wars. The humble Frankenstein C96, pre-rebuild. How To Make Creepy Plaster Hand Casts for Halloween! This caused them some technical issues that needed to be overcome in order to make this work as a fully-functioning, firing replica. or Best Offer. or Best Offer +C $19.25 shipping. Elite Edition) is based on the MGC Mauser replica (Model Gun Corporation), which is more accurate to the original prop. Posted by Scott Markham on 6th Jul 2020 Absolutely love this kit! Some machine work, fabrication, and welding were required to bring this replica to life. Master Replicas Inc was founded in 2011. A Denix Mauser replica, showing the diamond logo above the trigger. The knurls on the scope of the MR EE. I honestly would not have touched a C96 in good condition outside of restoring it. Brandon’s social media photos include more than a few that hearken to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. This should make installing electronic sound boards easier.. 27 watchers. The “heat sink” grill of the MR EE. Any scruffy-looking nerf-herder would be only too happy to have this trusty blaster on his hip when entering some wretched hive of scum and villainy. Model Behavior: Iron Giant 1/50 Scale Diorama Buil…, Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Woodworking Chisel S…, Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Instrument Maker’s V…, Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Hellboy Samaritan Pr…. The finished product, as you can see from the final photo below, looks pretty spectacular. Perpetual firearms student, always seeking to become better and learn more. May The Force be with you, and I’ll see you at the range! Han Solo Blaster DL-44 Prop Replica Empire Strikes Back Star Wars - Full METAL! This was not to be just a cheap, fun range toy. Central Valley Guns also indicated that some of the parts they obtained were originally only ever meant for a resin “dummy gun”. CNC machined STEEL replica c96 DL44 Replica. Apr 18, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Josh Swinehart. Visual Guide to The Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Prop Replica Saga Photo Gallery: dl44_030. Unquestionably, Solo's most important piece is his sidearm, a modified Blastech DL-44 heavy blaster. The idea behind that build was to construct an AR pistol to look like a rough approximation of the movie prop, as inexpensively as possible. anh dl 44 replica steel scope mount center thumb wheel screw $ 12.99; sale! From United States. This former heavily-damaged Broomhandle Mauser reborn as a firing replica of Han Solo's DL-44 blaster. This level of accuracy required more than $2000 between the gun and parts, and more than $2000 in labor costs, with a grand total estimate in excess of $4500. Unquestionably, Solo's most important prop is his sidearm, the Blastech DL-44 heavy blaster. The project wasn’t cheap, as you might expect. Cerakote work allowed the battle-worn finish to make the blaster look screen-ready. A Master Replicas DL-44 Elite Edition replica, released in 2006. In-store pickup. Cond. Livestream Build-A-Long: DIY Paper Screen Printing with Jen Schachter, Ask Adam: Stolen Indiana Jones Whip Update. Brand New. This is a replica of the DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol carried and used by Harrison Ford as Han Solo in the 1977 movie "Star Wars: A New Hope." Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. This was made from … Making an EVA Foam Wig for Cosplay and Halloween! This is a hand-crafted, DL-44 prop replica created with a level of obsession that would be scary if it wasn’t so damned impressive. (4/21/20), Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Dial Caliper. (2) 2 product ratings - Darth Maul, 2006 Master Replicas, Force FX Lightsaber, DOUBLE BLADED, Exc. See more ideas about han solo blaster, hans solo, star wars. Adam Savage Reveals His New No-Face Cosplay! or Best Offer +C $143.25 shipping estimate. This piece was removable to be replaced by a small piece of t-track. Laser scanned pre-war Mauser. More Filters. Brandon had found a parts kit that helped with some of the details, but the scope it included was little more than a plain aluminum tube just for looks, and for this build that simply wouldn’t do. Discover (and save!) This is a CNC built Denix C96 replica updated with screen accurate scope including lenses and brass rings, MG81 replica … This rare prop was in the possession of Prop Store of London. Price. Where the original pistol has a plain barrel and muzzle adorned only with a front sight, the DL-44 was fitted with a distinctive, conical flash hider-style piece. Adam Savage’s First Mechanical Hand Build! Although it was primarily used in aircraft, infantry-purposed variants with shoulder rests and bipods also saw use by German soldiers, particularly late in WWII. If there was ever a candidate to do this to, this pistol was it. This replica weighs in at a whopping 4 pounds. Buy it at the store. Photo courtesy DarkEnergyCreations. Star Wars Hans Solo DL-44 Rebel Blaster Lights Sounds Disney Parks ExclusiveRARE. The team’s research indicated that the original had come from a German MG-81. In recreating Han Solo's DL-44 from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Master Replicas accessed never-before-seen-archival materials, sourced original parts and faithfully copied the original replica of the Mauser pistol to ensure as authentic a reproduction as possible. Once a test fire confirmed good mechanical function, the blaster underwent disassembly and cleaning in preparation for bead blasting and Cerakote. And hey, if it turns out that they did use one of these in Solo, that will be the icing on the cake. 5 DL-44 Front End Kit. 5 out of 5 … Due to the concerns about excessive weight inhibiting the pistol’s ability to properly cycle, Marvin opted to use a lighter aluminum copy on the DL-44. The MR EE did not have a flat-bottomed bull barrel. According to a Central Valley Guns social media post about this build while it was still in progress: This was hardly a “perfectly good” C96. Knurl patterns are another detail that are frequently discussed in the DL-44 replica thread. Master Replicas Inc specializes in Collectibles And Antiques, Mail Order. C $102.65. If you missed it, you can find it here. Marvin and Brandon spent quite a bit of time poring over photos of the movie prop viewed from all possible angles, as well as examples of the few other existing clone-correct builds, such as those in Miculek’s collection. It wouldn’t even function when it arrived. Free postage. ... STAR WARS Master Replicas Han Solo Blaster Prop Replica Blueprint Lithograph ANH. Note the screw at the front of the Denix’s receiver. Han Solo Blaster - Star Wars - The Force Awakens - DL-44 - Replica Movie Prop Cosplay Gift - Free Shipping 3DfandomShop. The “antenna” greeblies on the MR EE. Feb 12, 2020 - Explore Simon Terry's board "DL-44" on Pinterest. How Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot Learns to Dance! Pickup, delivery & in stores. Please carefully review all photos. Image courtesy Carson Case. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. your own Pins on Pinterest Today’s blaster was the obsessive mission of a Star Wars mega-fan and his gunsmith, bent on excruciating detail. C $886.26. Again, note that the Denix’s grip (bottom) is larger than the MR EE’s grip. They advised that they believe this piece is one of only six working movie-accurate replica DL-44s in existence, and that two of those six are owned by world-renowned professional speed and competition shooter Jerry Miculek. Limited Edition) is based on a Denix Mauser replica, which is less accurate. The C96 spent a fair amount of time on the mill to remove the front sight and other unwanted pieces. I’m not sure Han Solo himself could tell the difference! Photo courtesy Markus Oddendall. Your email address will not be published. This week, we're joined by Will to talk about the release and reception to the Justice League Synder Cut, the controversial changes to Cricut cutter's design upload policy, and the surprise reveal of the PlayStation 5 VR controller. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. A real stunt DL-44 blaster created for Empire Strikes Back. I heard it was done by a machinist in NY. 5 out of 5 stars (146) $ 104.88 FREE shipping Only 2 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Machined parts from the current run of DL-44 replica components. This kit includes every thing needed to build a super accurate HERO DL44. From Bosnia and Herzegovina. ... Will look awesome on my DL-44. Comparing the bottom of the barrels between the MR EE and the Denix. MR decided to mill this piece as opposed to using paint. Posted June 15, 2020 in Editorial, Firearms Customization, Gunsmithing, Pistols by Will P with No CommentsTags: blaster, Broomhandle, c96, DL-44, han solo, Mauser, replica, star wars. Adam Savage Answers Your Questions! Shipping. £26.99 postage. Favorite Add to Han Solo Blaster DL-44 CustompropshopStudio. Blaster collection of Markus Oddendall. The owner sourced a real C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser and commissioned a professional gunsmith to rebuild and modify it to be as close to a perfect movie prop replica as possible. It was in terrible condition and as I mentioned to an earlier post, it had no rifling left in the barrel and literally none of the numbers matched. Master Replicas' reproduction of the Star Wars: A New Hope version of Han Solo's blaster pays homage to this piece of motion picture history. Master Replicas Full Size Han Solo DL-44 Blaster from Star Wars ANH 376 of 1250 Condition is "Used". MR conducted extensive research on this prop. 3 tiny scratches on the bottom of the wooden grip. The blaster project began life as a C96 “Broomhandle” (so termed because of the characteristic appearance of the pistol’s grip) chambered in .30 Mauser, but the gun was in rough shape. Plus, what we would want from an Amazon robot, and our hopes for physical control…, Adam opens up his chisel drawer to talk about his collection…, Adam adds a new vise to his workbench: a versatile Instrumen…, Adam has one final machining task to complete on his Hellboy…, Visual Guide to The Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Prop Replica Saga, Adam Savage in Real Time: God of War Leviathan Axe Blade, Adam Savage’s Essential Modelmaking Cutting Tips. Dec 1, 2020 #1 MR Luke Blaster - Factory Sealed Brand New Might the last unopened one in existence. The scope mount required some of the most significant customizations. When he decided to take the plunge into creating a screen-correct Solo blaster replica, it started Brandon and his friend Marvin, of Selma, California’s Central Valley Guns, on an eight-month journey of “blood sweat and tears” to source the correct parts, perform fabrication where it was needed and apply multiple layers of Cerakote to get everything just right. *RARE* Star Wars Master Replicas 1:1 Scale Han Solo EE Signature DL-44 Blaster | eBay The 2006 Han Solo Blaster (a.k.a. Master Replicas also released another Han Solo Blaster back in 2002, which was based on a different base replica model. The DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, also known more simply as a DL-44 blaster pistol, was a type of heavy blaster pistol produced by BlasTech Industries that was used during the years of the Galactic Republic and the Age of the Empire. Another area that required particular attention was the scope. It packed a heavy punch compared to other pistols without losing accuracy, which made it a prime choice among many groups and individuals, ranging from smugglers and bounty hunters to military and the Rebellion.Aside from being a powerful and reliable sidearm, the weapon had other attractive features such as a vibration system built into the handgrip that puls… It was from one of these infantry M81s that the original blaster muzzle device was taken. Many of you saw my recent article about my friend’s rough replica of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster from the Star Wars movie franchise. Once the right “clunker” Frankenstein C96 had been found on GunBroker and the nearly-smooth barrel had been professionally relined, the real work of conversion could begin. Since he connected with me on social media in order to share some of the photos featured in this article, I can confirm that this self-diagnosed “addiction” appears to be legit. The finished, shooting range-ready product. DL-44 Blaster (New Finish) Posted by Kevin Evans on 6th Jan 2021 Todd has produced an amazing replica of the actual prop used on the film set by Harrison Ford. RPF PREMIUM MEMBER. Star Wars Master Replicas DL-44 Luke Blaster - Factory Sealed Brand new. Plus, Intel takes a jab at Macs with a familiar face, and we get a download about the popular game Eco. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Photo courtesy Brandon Alinger. We're back in the Tested studio after a year in lockdown to …. This Mauser was in rough shape when the project started. Functional trigger, safety and hammer with pre-drilled mounting spots for the Field Marshal micro switches. The MR Elite Edition compared to a Denix Masuer replica. $25 – $50. A replica Flash Hider from an earlier run on the RPF, courtesy Chris Trevas, A MGC Mauser replica, like the ones used for the ESB and ROTJ DL-44 props. £89.95. Let’s discuss how they accomplished this galactic feat.

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