However, our research is meant to aid your own, and we are not acting as licensed professionals. When the data subjects exercise the aforementioned rights before EASYPROMOS, the latter must communicate this by email to the CONTROLLER, without undue delay. The CLIENT may add new agents to the CORPORATE PLAN when the plan is already active, and EASYPROMOS will increase the PLAN rate according to the number of agents added. EASYPROMOS excludes liability for damages of any kind, including lost profits, which may be due to the services provided by third parties via the website, including but not limited to: acts of unfair competition and illegal publicity as a result of the provision of services by third parties via the website; a lack of truthfulness, accuracy or completeness; errors, defects, relevance and/or timeliness of the content transmitted, distributed, stored, received, obtained, made available or accessible through the services provided by third parties via the website. To making sure that its applications comply strictly with the applications and promotion guidelines of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google. 1. 11 Fort Myers FL, 33908, USA. In no event will EASYPROMOS be liable for a breach in conditions of this contract if such a breach results from force majeure or situations beyond its control. – Definition, Importance & Examples, What Is Consumer Awareness? To obtain more information about the services provided by Google and ACK STORM SL, please visit this link. Upon signing up for the activation of a promotion or contest through the EASYPROMOS application, the CLIENT acquires only a license or temporary rights of use of said application, through which the CLIENT can create and manage promotions and contests from his or her Facebook page. The plan will be renewed automatically every 30/365 days unless the CLIENT notifies EASYPROMOS of the cancelation of the service at least one month prior to the expiration of the month/year contracted. Therefore, the value of the Fraud Index cannot be considered an exact or mathematical calculation. For the purpose of the Promotion, Terms and Conditions shall mean these terms and conditions and any conditions, rules or requirements contained within the literature produced by Insight or as provided for on – Consumer Rights & Responsibilities Explained, What Is Cause Marketing? Sales promotion is a marketing strategy where the product is promoted using short-term attractive initiatives to stimulate its demand and increase its sales. LACK OF RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: The licenses of use for EASYPROMOS applications are based on computer files provided electronically, made for immediate use. Likewise, through this clause, the CLIENT expressly authorizes EASYPROMOS to display images of the CLIENT’s promotions, solely for the purpose of using them as content in EASYPROMOS’s informative channels, and under no circumstances, EASYPROMOS may display personal data being the property of the CLIENT. Feedough is the one-stop resource for everything related to startups. If the CLIENT decides to contract the Video Hosting Extension services, the CLIENT must communicate to promotion participants the limitations established by VIMEO regarding the content of videos that users may participate with. The termination of this contract for any reason will entail the finalization of any maintenance, performance or installation obligations that fall on EASYPROMOS as a result of the application. Nor does EASYPROMOS take responsibility for any disputes that may arise between CLIENT and participant when the CLIENT has not informed participants that the Fraud Index is being used. The promotion or contest will only be activated once the CLIENT has paid the corresponding cost for the chosen license. The types of fraudulent practices detected by the Fraud Index are: The use of multiple fake Facebook accounts. The CLIENT will be tied to each one of these General Conditions without exception upon contracting an EASYPROMOS application, it being their obligation and responsibility to read them previously. A user becomes a REFERRED USER of the REFERRING USER if he/she meets these two requirements: The user does not yet have an active EASYPROMOS account. Sales promotions can be targeted to a particular product, or may include multiple products and services offered under a brand name. The CLIENT will have access to the Validity Report of each participant once the voting period is over. EASYPROMOS will register an internal alert linked to the participant. Sales promotion increases traction and makes more customers try the new product. Companies use temporary sales promotion techniques to compete with competitor’s short term marketing strategies. Types of Sales Promotion Programs: Sales promotional activities may broadly be classified into the … Third Party Charitable Sales Promotion and … In accordance with the second procedure for obtaining winners outlined in point 12.2, the Promotion Administrator can choose to use the Sweepstakes Tool available in the Easypromos application. If a participant requests that a CLIENT provide proof of the invalidity of an entry, the CLIENT can provide the participant with a Validity Report. What Are Key Result Areas? If a REFERRING USER obtains commissions from more than 10 REFERRED USERS, EASYPROMOS will make contact with the REFERRING USER in order to renew the conditions of referral. If you continue to browse we will consider you to have accepted their use. Limited redemptions available. EASYPROMOS offers the CLIENT a support and assistance service to answer and solve any questions or problems regarding the operation of the application via email at To do so, THE CLIENT must send their cancelation request by email to All Certificates of Validity generated will be published immediately at. EASYPROMOS reserves the right to make improvements, substitutions or modifications to the application or application code at any moment, with the aim of adapting the product to changes in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms or introducing improvements in the operation of the product. One of their REFERRED USERS makes a payment during their first year. EASYPROMOS will not share the data without the express authorization of the CONTROLLER. Civil, criminal or administrative offences or any other liability for violations or illegal acts which are not derived from deliberate conduct by EASYPROMOS. Once the number of winners and alternates has been determined by the administrator, EASYPROMOS will carry out a sweepstakes via a random integer selection mechanism. If the value of the Fraud Index of an entry is greater than, or equal to, 100%, EASYPROMOS advises the CLIENT to consider the entry invalid, though this decision is ultimately at the discretion of the CLIENT. VARIATION Any variation to this Advertising Agreement shall be made in writing and signed by both … Payment for a single promotion: Some applications can be purchased as a single promotion. THE CLIENT receives no ownership rights over the application, or its contents, which are entirely owned by EASYPROMOS. To ensure that those authorized to process the personal data have committed themselves expressly and in writing to respect data confidentiality and comply with the corresponding security measures. If available, the following information, at least, will be provided: (I) a description of the nature of the personal data security breach, including, when possible, the categories and approximate number of those affected, and the categories and approximate number of personal data records affected; (II) the name and contact details of the data protection officer or other point of contact from which information may be obtained; (III) description of the possible consequences of the personal data security breach; (IV) description of measures adopted or proposals to remedy the personal data security breach; including, if applicable, measures adopted to mitigate possible negative effects. New markets are often hard to enter. If any one of the provisions of this contract is rendered null and void, it will be ignored, but the rest of the agreement shall remain binding to both parties. A random number between 0 and the final participation number will then be obtained once more. If you have found an error in the data provided on this page, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter. The administrator should indicate in the promotion's Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy what use will be made of a participant's details and said administrator should obtain the consent of participants for treatment of their personal details. In the event that a CLIENT is unable to make a monthly/yearly payment, EASYPROMOS can cancel said plan, in which case the rules regarding cancelations, as outlined in the following section, will apply. When the sales promotion strategies are targeted to the end consumers, it is referred to as consumer sales promotion. Said cancelation means: (i) That from the month/year following the payment already collected, the automatic subscription charge will no longer be made. This is done to get more shelf space as compared to competitors, motivate the dealers to sell more of the brand’s products and to increase the sales indirectly. To this end, the CONTROLLER expressly accepts that EASYPROMOS will keep promotion participants’ data for a maximum of five years and two months, at the end of which, EASYPROMOS may proceed to delete the data, unless the CONTROLLER expressly requests the return of data, and this in accordance with the applicable regulations on data protection. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EASYPROMOS will provide administrators of the promotions organized by the CONTROLLER with the necessary tools for exporting the personal data of participants of promotions organized through EASYPROMOS. In the aforementioned payment gateway, the CLIENT will be asked only for information regarding the credit card, which will be stored by the payment gateway itself. Once the payment has been made, the payment platform will send the CLIENT an email confirmation within a maximum of 24 hours, informing the CLIENT that the charge has been made. This text is the CONTRACT that governs the relationship between EASYPROMOS (EASYPROMOS, S.L., with Tax ID Code B-65576878, located at 17001 Girona, C/ Bonastruc de Porta 20, and registered in the Girona Commercial Register, Volume 2966, Folio 59, Page GI-56021) and You (the CLIENT) in contracting the activation of promotions with our EASYPROMOS applications, whether it be via our website ( or from our Facebook application. The compliance of tenders and promotion conditions. In particular, EASYPROMOS remains exempt from all liability as regards the content that the CLIENT incorporates, divulges, develops and manages through EASYPROMOS applications, as well as the use that the CLIENT or third party makes of this content or of the EASYPROMOS application itself. The use of IT programs or tools to automate or semi-automate the voting process. The monthly plan can be used for just one social media account, or for unlimited accounts. Notification will not be necessary if it is unlikely that said security breach constitutes a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. This tool will enable the Organizer to ascertain, upon finalization of the participation period, whether a participant has engaged in fraudulent practices to obtain more votes. Buy One Get One (BOGO) is a popular type of sales promotion where two products are offered at a price of one. The content of other internet pages which may be accessed via links in the EASYPROMOS website. As a result, it increases the sales manifold. Proprietary Rights, Ownership, and … SPECIAL CONDITIONS FOR USING THE FRAUD INDEX TOOL. EASYPROMOS is exempt from any liability to the CLIENT or third parties for problems with the application stemming from errors, malfunctioning or any technical incidences within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google or any other third-party platform integrated into the EASYPROMOS platform. Put simply, a sales promotion is any activity that a business undertakes to promote sales of its products or services. All information classed as confidential that is shared between the parties for the provision of services covered by this agreement may only be used by the parties for this purpose. EASYPROMOS has developed the Fraud Index tool for our CLIENTS to use when organizing contests. The Promotion will be open from 12.00am 1st of December 2020 and will close at 11.59pm 31st of December 2020. Terms and conditions from Garuda Indonesia and all partners in this program applied. Easypromos offers the CLIENT the chance, if they desire it, to use a platform for randomly selecting promotion winners. If it’s not possible to provide all the information simultaneously, and to the extent that it’s not, the information will be provided gradually, without undue delay. Terms and Conditions – Poundland’s Promotional Codes. To read the terms and conditions for social media and in-store promotions, please visit our Promotions page. EASYPROMOS will make available to the CONTROLLER all the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with their obligations and will provide support to the CONTROLLER whenever appropriate. The CLIENT may not use said material unless they are expressly authorized to do so by EASYPROMOS. Said email confirmation will be sent to the email address provided by the CLIENT during the purchasing process, and to the email address used to register the EASYPROMOS account. The CLIENT will generally have full access to information relating to voting activity in the contest. In the carrying out of prior consultations with the supervisory authority, whenever appropriate. We are accepting orders and processing refunds and continue to accept credit cards, store cards, gift cards and beauty club rewards as forms of payment. We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services and only show you advertising that has been suggested by your preferences after analyzing your browsing habits. These guidelines include but are not limited to the following: It is prohibited to upload videos that violate the intellectual and industrial property rights of their owners, and/or use movie scenes, music or any other material that is subject to intellectual and industrial property rights. EASYPROMOS offers four types of different prices depending on the contracted service and CLIENT needs: Payment by monthly subscription plan: A monthly plan that enables the CLIENT to carry out unlimited EASYPROMOS promotions (Basic, Basic PRO, Premium or White Label) during the contracted period. To ensure that the calculation is as accurate as possible, EASYPROMOS monitors the number and type of alerts, as well as the total number of votes obtained by the participant. To not taking part in the prize draws or interfering with, or influencing in any way, the development of the promotion or in the selection of the prize winners. also gives a hint to sales promotion objectives, the main objective being lifting the sales temporarily. The CONTROLLER is also obliged to inform EASYPROMOS of any variation in the personal data provided so that it may be updated, and to comply with the applicable data protection regulations regarding the rights of contest participants as stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable regulations. 9. Easypromos only uses details of its users to facilitate the successful operation of the promotions. When not working, he can be found hiking, camping, and stargazing. Nonetheless, in compliance with article 28.1.a) of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, regarding the services of the information society and electronic commerce, EASYPROMOS will confirm the procurement via a confirmation email within a maximum of 24 hours after EASYPROMOS has become aware of the payment. In case of requesting the payment via bank transfer, a surcharge will be applied for administrative management expenses. The payment of commissions to referrers will be made at the end of each natural month, as long as the amount of accumulated fees is not less than $50 USD. In the performance of impact evaluations related to data protection, whenever appropriate. To lift sales temporarily. Can be used only once for each person. Specifically, the CLIENT cannot use robots, spiders or other data mining or data extracting tools, nor manual processes for compiling or copying content or data related to the service in a form that is not authorized by EASYPROMOS. EASYPROMOS shall maintain in all cases the security measures necessary for the protection of personal data. Shipping Promotions: All special shipping promotions, including but not limited to, Free Shipping Daily Deals, $2 shipping days, regular free shipping on purchases of $100 or more and any special shipping cutoff dates apply only to standard domestic orders.International orders a will receive a discount of equal value. Sales promotions, PR, advertising & personal selling are the most important key pillars of marketing communication. Nonetheless, EASYPROMOS endeavors to adopt all the technical measures at its disposal to obtain the most accurate Fraud Index possible. The Promoters reserve the right to refuse participant in the Promotion to anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions. STANDARD TERMS OLife Choice offer fares expire 6/31/21 and are subject to availability. The Fraud Index is calculated from fraud alerts registered in the votes received by the participant. EASYPROMOS recommends that the CLIENT proceeds with the disqualification of the participant taking into account the result of the Fraud Index and ensuring that the following conditions are met: The Terms & Conditions of the contest include a statement informing users that the Fraud Index will be used to validate the votes received by participants. EASYPROMOS considers an account to be a fake when it is not linked to an authentic identity. BOGO60 offer must be booked between April 1 – May 3, 2021 (“Offer Period”). Please note that these General Conditions comply with the provisions of the current legislation on the subject. If the Fraud Index of an entry is equal to or greater than 100%, then the Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant and declare his or her entry void.". Depending on the mechanism for accepting the promotion terms and conditions (and the nature of the prizes), it may be necessary to have winning … The processing will consist of storing personal data obtained from participants of promotions organized by the CONTROLLER. Come on! However, if the change is to a lower level of plan, then in no case will the price difference between the previous plan and the new plan be refunded. APPLICATION INTEGRATION SERVICE IN THE EASYPROMOS PLATFORM. Start your search now on this startup guide. Promo code: FALL2020 is valid for two promotions: 25% off regular-priced styles & Maven Beauty, and 5 for $20 panties ( General Terms and Conditions: The validity of all voucher cannot be extended. EASYPROMOS takes absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy with which the value of the Fraud Index has been calculated for each participant. The CLIENT will be responsible for the non-compliance of promotion participants regarding the content that they include in their videos. Product or company names, logos, and trademarks referred to on this site belong to their respective owners. 19. To take measures to ensure that anyone acting under its authority who has access to personal data can only process that data in accordance with the instructions of the CONTROLLER. [ and subdomains], via the REFERRING USER’S unique referral link, and, within 90 days, the user creates an EASYPROMOS account at Payment by yearly subscription plan: A yearly plan that enables the CLIENT to carry out unlimited EASYPROMOS promotions (Basic, Basic PRO, Premium, White Label or Corporate) during the contracted period. If he or she does not respond within 24 hours, the promotion will be unpublished. To randomly select the first winner, a random number between 0 and the final participation number will be obtained. The CLIENT will be notified by email of any change in rate. EASYPROMOS offers a variety of mechanisms for determining, publishing and notifying the winners and/or alternates of a promotion. (ii)That any contests which would have been active and not yet finalized at the time of cancelation will be deactivated, meaning that the contest will cease to be publicly visible and no new users will be able to take part after the cancelation date. The offer in the Promotion is non-transferable. Sales promotion. Learn how your comment data is processed. EASYPROMOS may also terminate the present licensing contract and cancel or deactivate the application without giving any type of notice or prior notification to the CLIENT if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google modify its promotions and/or applications policy in such a way as to make the use of the application contracted by the CLIENT unviable, whether for legal or technical reasons, or for any other reason that does not depend on EASYPROMOS. THE REFERRING USER will be paid 10% of all purchases made by the REFERRED USER during the first year, after which EASYPROMOS reserves the right to renegotiate referral conditions. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. A fee is charged for each activated promotion. The communication will be accompanied by all other information that may be relevant to resolving the request. Participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions upon participation in the Promotion. Here’s a simpler definition of sales promotion –. An example would be offering 20% off on certain products to the customers. In the event that a payment cannot be made for reasons not attributable to EASYPROMOS (expiration of the card, insufficient funds, etc.) 27. EASYPROMOS offers the CLIENT, as part of its service, the integration of third-party applications in the EASYPROMOS platform, with the aim of providing a more agile and effective service for managing the user database generated through the platform. You should therefore read these General Terms in combination with the Specific Terms. GrabTaxi Pte Ltd reserves the sole and absolute right to alter or end the … The Validity Report has been generated automatically, based on the alerts registered in the votes received. To make available to the CONTROLLER all the information required to demonstrate compliance with its obligations. The Spanish version will be that which prevails in the event of any controversy. EASYPROMOS and its staff will fulfil the following obligations: To use the personal data being processed or collected for inclusion in the services described in this contract only for the purpose described in this section. It is not possible to run the application in such a way as to not incur errors under any circumstances, as said application may experience errors or even become disabled due to the modifications or technical incidences of third-party development platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google. 2. For the provision of this service, EASYPROMOS will subcontract the services of VIMEO Inc. which, through its VIMEO PRO platform, enables the hosting, streaming and conversion of videos uploaded by users to EASYPROMOS. GENERAL TERMS. EASYPROMOS complies with the requirements established in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable regulations. These General Terms shall apply in conjunction with the Specific Terms of any promotion. Excludes sale styles and all other beauty products. Sales promotion is a handy technique to fulfil the short term sales goals by persuading potential customers to buy the product. In this type of sales promotion, offers are provided within the trade channels with an aim to woo retailers, wholesalers, agents, or distributors. The procedure for obtaining winners with the Sweepstakes Tool has been verified by a notary by means of notarial verification dated June 16, 2017, before the notary Mr. Celso Méndez Ureña in Madrid, proving that (i) the sweepstakes carried out via the Easypromos tool are random and that (iii) the Certificates of Validity thus obtained cannot be deleted and/or modified. Each finalist can have one or more participations in a specific prize draw, according to the Legal Terms of the prize draw established by the Administrator. conditions which are likely to affect a consumer’s understanding of that particular offer Sales Promotion Objectives: Increase in Sales Volume, Encourage Repeat Purchase and To Block Competitor Moves Sales Promotion Objectives – Top 7 Objectives: Launch New Products and Increase Trail, Encourage Dealers to Participate in Display and a Few Other Objectives. “xx dollars off” An alternative to “percent-off” deals, this promotion involves discounting items by a … Creative Marketing Services is located at: 18070 S. Tamiami Trail,Ste. Not to share the data with third parties without the express authorization of the CONTROLLER and in cases where the applicable data protection regulations so establish it. EASYPROMOS recommends that the CLIENT send the Validity Report to the participant accompanied by a text similar to the one below: "The contest organizer informs you that the Validity Report has been generated by EASYPROMOS using the Fraud Index tool. 1. The infringement of the rights of third parties or any other infringements that arise from the conduct, actions or contents of the promotions/contests that the CLIENT creates and/or manages through the EASYPROMOS application. These Promotion general terms and conditions apply to each and every Promotion. It is prohibited to upload videos which are degrading or which include abuse or harassment, videos which violate privacy or which contain acts of defamation or discrimination. In no case will EASYPROMOS refund a payment that has already been made. Sales promotion techniques increase the sales of the products. The number selected will determine the winning participation. The CORPORATE PLAN is an annual subscription plan, which includes unlimited giveaways and White Label promotions with all available features and extensions included. More specifically, when contracting these services, the CLIENT undertakes to inform users, via the Terms & Conditions that regulate the participation conditions of the promotion, about the provisions of the VIMEO guidelines regarding the limitations of video content. Easypromos will NEVER utilize details of registered users for any other reason. The payment of direct or indirect taxes related to the promotion. Please read the… In order to implement integration with third-party applications, the CLIENT should be registered in the applications that that he or she wishes to integrate into the EASYPROMOS platform. Rates vary according to the type of promotion, the version selected and duration of the promotion. We may translate these General Conditions, our Privacy Policy or any other guidelines of operation, policy or procedure that may be published on the site. THE CLIENT recognizes and expressly consents that all copyright, trademark and other intellectual and industrial property rights over the application or over the contents supplied as part of the application belong at all times to EASYPROMOS or to those who provided EASYPROMOS license for its use. These are –, Sales promotion can be broadly divided into two types according to whom the promotion is targeted to. In this sense, the CLIENT authorizes the access of applications that he or she wishes to integrate into the database generated via the EASYPROMOS platform. Where any Specific Terms conflict with these General Terms, the Specific Terms will take precedence. Easypromos cannot be held responsible for the prizes, products or services offered to users through the promotions. Sales promotion is also used to tackle the poaching strategies of competitors and keep existing customers with the brand. If you require an invoice corresponding to the payment, this can be downloaded from the CLIENT’S control panel or requested by sending an email to the following address: Did we miss something? Promotion Terms & Conditions.